How Did It Start?

The St Clement’s College of Preaching was initiated by the parish at the time of its 1991 centennial. Looking back on 100 years of Christian life in this community and forward to our second century of service, we realized how blessed we had been with a succession of rectors with strong preaching skills. We wanted to help other parishes enjoy such gifts. Priests from across the country who have attended the eleven Colleges held so far continue to be grateful to those who initiated this program.

What Exactly Does It Do?

It gives 30 priests from across Canada the opportunity to spend 3 full days, in a residential setting, studying the art of preaching.  Instruction is provided by outstanding homilists from Canada or the US.

When Does It Happen & Who Is Invited?

The College is normally offered every second year to priests with at least 5 years preaching experience (in other words, a “Masters” course). 15 are nominated by the Diocese of Toronto bishops and 5 priests are nominated by their Bishop from each of the three other dioceses specifically selected for that particular College.

How Is It Financed? 

The College is primarily financed through the interest from a fund set aside by the Parish; some additional grants come from the Garnsworthy Trust Fund of The Anglican Foundation and participating dioceses.

How Much Do Participants Pay?

Each priest is asked to pay a moderate amount towards the cost of food and accommodation. All expenses incurred for travel are refunded.