St. Clement’s Anglican Church in Toronto on Pentecost Sunday May, 15, 2016. Photo by Michael Hudson/Diocese of Toronto 

God has blessed us abundantly and we have the opportunity to give back to God and serve others in the name of Christ.

God’s work here at St. Clement’s is financially supported 100% by its members and friends. This response to God’s grace and love allows us to share our faith with the next generation, support ministry locally and around the world, offer beautiful worship to God and maintain a physical presence in our neighborhood with our historic buildings.

There are many ways to financially contribute, and we are grateful for each and every financial gift. Our Ways to Give brochure outlines options for your yearly contributions.
If you would like help in deciding what amount to contribute we have a Sacrificial Giving Chart with suggestions.
To read our 2016/17 Stewardship letter from the wardens as well as our current Financial Update please click here

We encourage people to give through Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG). It’s the most convenient way to give with our busy lives, allows the church to effectively budget, and is kind to the environment.  Through PAG, you can make automatic payments are made from either your bank account or a major credit card to support the ministry and work of St Clement’s. You can find more details, and the enrollment form by clicking here, or by contacting Elisabeth Lunder at

You can also contribute through your credit card, United Way contributions, weekly envelopes, and gifts of stock. Elisabeth Lunder can help you set each of these up.

To make a gift using Canada Helps, please click here.