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At the heart of giving is free will, given by God, and the means through which each of us decides how we will make use of our material and spiritual gifts.  In this—our 125th anniversary year!—we invite you to consider prayerfully and thoughtfully your commitment to St. Clement’s Church for the year 2017.  We have two years left of our declining grant from the Diocese to support ministry to families and young adults and in order to continue our current level of ministry and staffing, we are seeking a 4.5% increase in overall financial giving year upon year.

Please complete this Stewardship Intention card below and return electronically by clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the form. Paper copies are available from the church office, the welcome hub or in your mailed stewardship package.

Filling in the form below will help us in knowing your intention for 2017 and enables us to budget and plan our ministry for the coming year.

This is an operational ministry pledge for 2017, and should not include amounts intended for specific purposes (ie outreach or other special appeals).

If you have any questions on pledging or would like more information on Pre-Authorized Giving please contact Elisabeth Lunder in the church office elunder@stclements-church.org or 416.483.6664 x222

Your submission will be sent electronically to our Legacy committee. Your intention will be kept confidential by the committee. No one other than the book keeper and Parish Administrator have access to your full financial information. If you have questions about the use of your financial information, please contact Liz Kensett, Parish Administrator lkensett@stclements-church.org
If you have questions about Pledging or PAG please contact Elisabeth Lunder in the office at 416.483.6664 x222 or elunder@stclements-church.org
Your information will not be shared outside of St Clement’s staff. Our staff will use this information to budget for the 2017 fiscal year.