processional cross (427x640) (427x640) (427x640)Welcome to Planned Giving at St Clement’s.

The concept of planned giving centres on stewardship from a holistic perspective. While your contributions at this time are probably on a regular basis from your current cash flow, planned gifts are made from your accumulated assets on a deferred basis when your current givings cease.

God calls us to not only be faithful stewards now, but also into tomorrow and beyond. By making a planned gift, you leave a legacy that will help to ensure the ministries, life and work of St Clement’s, as well as the wider community, continue into the future.

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Leaving Your Legacy
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A planned gift to St Clement’s leaves a powerful legacy of mission for the Church, helping to ensure that St Clement’s continues God’s work for future generations.

Please consider filling out this response card below and return electronically by clicking the Submit button at the bottom of the form. Paper copies are available from the church office.

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Your submission will be sent electronically to our Legacy committee. Your intention will be kept confidential by the committee. No one other than the book keeper and Parish Administrator have access to your full financial information. If you have questions about the use of your financial information, please contact Liz Kensett, Parish Administrator


View our Legacy Brochure to find out how you can make a planned gift through your Will and become one of The Friends of St Clement’s.

Read our Legacy Policy 

For more information, email Patricia Crawford, Legacy Chair at or speak to our Interim Priest-in-Charge Andrew Federle at