We seek to offer comfort and pastoral support to families of a member of the St. Clement’s community who has died. We recognise that the period following the death of a loved one is especially difficult.

One of our clergy will be happy to meet with you to provide grief support and begin the preparation for a funeral service. They will help you choose a traditional or a contemporary Anglican service, which you’ll be able to personalize with readings, music, and a time of thanksgiving. We can further assist by suggesting passages from Scripture, and you will have the opportunity to discuss the music at the service with the Director of Music, Daniel Webb. There is also the possibility of a reception at St. Clement’s.

To arrange for a funeral, please call the office directly at 416.483.6664.


Following the funeral our pastoral staff are available to provide personal support as you grieve. We also regularly conduct Bereavement Support Groups.


Our annual All Souls Service in the Fall is a reflective service focusing on the hope which we have as a result of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.


Our pastoral staff are also available to assist with the pre-planning of a funeral. This can be done well in advance of anticipated death or in the final weeks of life. Pre-planning provides the opportunity to assist family by clearly communicating preferences in music, Scripture readings, participation in the service, reception and designated gifts. If you are interested in pre-planning, please contact Associate Priest Liska Stefko