As a growing community of people learning how to follow Jesus, we seek to put our faith into action by serving those in need around the world. We have a long standing relationship of support with the community of Terrier Rouge in Haiti and assist other places as the need arises.

Father Bruno – Haiti

Since 1991, each year St Clement’s has faithfully funded student scholarships which assist children of poor families in Haiti to attend school. Typically, we have funded 50 scholarships annually. The scholarship program is run by Father Jean Bruno, an Episcopalian priest who founded the schools. Since 1987, St Clement’s parishioners have visited father Bruno in Haiti on four occasions and Father Bruno has visited us several times, most recently in 2008.The scholarship program we support provides tuition, uniforms, books and a hot meal each day at a cost of $200USD per year. In addition to our support of the scholarships, we’ve also assisted in the development of Father Bruno’s school in Terrier Rouge, providing $35,000 towards building the school in 2002, $20,000 in 2005 to purchase solar panels that supply electricity to the school, as well as purchasing a generator, paying the cost of a well, and sending assistance after the devastating hurricanes of 2008.

Primate’s World Relief & Development Fund

PWRDF works in partnership with organizations in Canada and throughout the world to improve the quality of daily life for vulnerable populations. The Primate’s fund encourages self-reliance and addresses the root causes of poverty and injustice. It is active in approximately 30 countries, and also works with displaced populations including victims of disasters, refugees, and migrant workers. PWRDF and its partners from Anglican churches, ecumenical organizations and community-based groups help the disadvantaged and threatened beyond survival into sustainable development.