Welcome and congratulations! We’re delighted that you’re interested in making St Clements a part of your wedding celebration, and we want to do everything possible to make sure that your wedding is a wonderful and memorable occasion. Even more importantly, we want to do all we can to help you build the strongest possible marriage as you begin your new life together. We hope this will be a time in which you come to know God’s love in Jesus Christ, either for the first time, or in a deeper way.

Christians hold marriage in very high regard. The Book of Alternative Services reads: “Marriage is a gift of God and a means of God’s grace. It is a way of life that all should reverence, and none should lightly undertake.” At St. Clement’s, marriage preparation is open to people at all stages of their spiritual journey – everyone is welcome!

If you’re already married, and seeking a Christian blessing for your marriage, we’re pleased to support you in this endeavour.

With all this in mind, we have developed the following to help you decide whether St Clements is the church for you as you plan your wedding.

Who gets married at St. Clement's?

At St Clements we’re committed to ensuring the highest quality of care for the couples married here, and we invest time and energy in every wedding we conduct. Because our resources are not unlimited, we perform weddings primarily for members of the parish and for couples who are interested in joining the congregation.

If either of you has been divorced, attention will be given to your special pastoral needs.

If you’re interested in being married here, please contact our Administrative Assistant, Julianna Buck at Julianna can tentatively reserve space in the church, as we explore together whether St Clements might be a good fit for you.

Preparing for Marriage

Like any journey of great significance, the road to your wedding day takes time. Practically speaking, you will want to plan in advance and allow 9-12 months for the following steps to unfold:

Step 1, Start the Conversation. A great first step is to book an appointment to meet with Pamela Rayment, our Associate Priest

Step 2, Find a Rhythm of Worship. Joining our wider community for weekly worship will give you a clearer sense of whether you would like to be a part of our church family, strengthen and encourage your faith, and better equip you to live everyday life as someone learning how to follow Jesus.

Our experience (and expectation), is that worshipping with us regularly for 3 months helps form a solid basis for the promises you will make on your Wedding day. Click here to see which of our worship services might work best in your weekly rhythm.

Step 3, Strengthen your Relationship. “Your wedding is one day – your marriage is a lifetime.” We want all couples married at St Clements to have the strongest possible marriage. To help you achieve this goal, we ask you to participate in our Marriage Course. It’s a seven-evening course, which includes dessert, wine, coffee, and tea, and helps you not only to understand what a Christian marriage entails, but also to flourish as a couple. During this time, you will have the opportunity as a couple to discuss everything from communication, to sex, to spiritual concerns. Don’t worry, there’s no group work!


Step 4, Explore Faith. Many couples have found the months before their wedding to be a time of spiritual searching and growth. With this in mind, everyone being married at St Clements participates in our faith basics Christianity 101 course. It is a fun and relaxed 5-week course where all questions are allowed, you can’t fail, and you can’t get kicked out! You can find out more about the course, when it’s next offered, and register, here. Please contact Julianna Buck to register at

Legal Requirements

You are required to obtain a Marriage Licence through City Hall, which is valid for 90 days. Information on the requirements and process can be found here on the city’s Marriage Services page. If you are to be married at St Clements, the licence and any applicable fees must be in the St Clements Church Office at least 4 weeks before the wedding service. If you are to be married in a location other than St Clements, special arrangements and fees will be discussed accordingly.

Booking the Date and Time of your Wedding

Choosing the right day and time for your wedding is an important detail. Please note that we do not perform weddings during the week before Easter, or during the month of December. Six months’ notice is required, and date and time slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis upon confirmation of commitment with our Administrative Assistant, Julianna Buck, at To ensure couples are not rushed, there is time for photos, and the church is prepared for each ceremony, we can only allow a maximum of two weddings on any given day. The space for your wedding will be reserved for three hours – 1 hour prior for setup, 1 hour for the ceremony and 1 hour post ceremony to allow for cleanup.


We aren’t equipped to handle wedding receptions, so you’ll need to find an alternate venue for this part of your day. The exception to this is if you wish to have a coffee & tea reception for less than 80 people. If you wish to discuss that option please contact Julianna Buck. You are required to provide a licensed caterer, with staff to run your reception. No friends and family hosted events are permitted.


The following fees must be delivered 4 weeks before the wedding to Julianna Buck in our church office:

Church Fee: $1,000 (Tax Receipt may be issued upon request)

Clergy: $350

Director of Music: $250

Custodian: $125

Total = $1,725


Damage/Late Start: $250 (Refundable)

Fees and deposits

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of your Church Fee ($500.00) is required to confirm your wedding booking. Please submit your cheque payable to St Clement’s Church (Attention: Julianna Buck, Administrative Assistant) to the church office at the address below.

Remaining wedding fees must be submitted in separate, marked envelopes to the church office with the Marriage License, at least four weeks before the wedding. Cheques or cash must be issued separately for each individual.  Please confirm with the Administrative Assistant, Julianna Buck, or your officiant for the names of each person.

The late-start and damage deposit fee will be refunded after the wedding if the wedding begins no more than 15 minutes late and there is no damage to the building or there are no items left behind of which we need to dispose. A wedding delayed over an hour may be cancelled at the discretion of the leadership of St Clement’s. Please let Julianna Buck know when you provide the deposit whether you would prefer to have the cheque destroyed or mailed to you following your wedding.

There may also be additional fees for early or late access to the church, custom programs, etc. If choristers and soloists are requested, a fee for them must be negotiated through the Director of Music and paid by the couple. Please confirm your fees with Julianna Buck and submit your cheque payable to St Clement’s Church (Attention: Julianna Buck, Administrative Assistant) to the church office at the address below.

Your fee includes access to the church 1 hour prior to your ceremony, and 45 minutes after your ceremony. You are expected to remove all of your personal items including all flowers and decorations from the church prior to your departure. Any items that remain will be thrown out at your expense. Your fee also includes your enrolment in the Marriage Course.

Because of some exceptionally late starts in the past and out of consideration for other couples, we have added a late-start and damage deposit. It will be refunded after the wedding if we begin no more than 15 minutes late and there is no damage to the building or items left behind that require disposal.

Services starting more than a few minutes late may be postponed if the priest feels they will delay other weddings or events.

A wedding delayed over an hour may be cancelled at the discretion of the leadership of St Clements. Please let Julianna Buck know when you provide the deposit whether you would prefer to have the cheque destroyed or returned to you the day of your wedding.

In the event of a cancellation less than 4 weeks before your wedding date the amounts for the clergy and organist are non-refundable. We will refund 50% of your total Church Fee, as well as the amount for the sexton.

In the event of a cancellation less than 7 days before your wedding date there is no refund available.

There may be additional fees for choristers or musicians, early or late access to the church, colour programs etc. Please confirm your fees with Julianna Buck and bring your final cheques and your licence to the church office at least 4 weeks prior to your Wedding Date


Please do not have your invitations printed until the date and time of your wedding have been finally confirmed by St Clements. The suggested form for the address of the church is:

St Clements Anglican Church

70 St Clements Avenue

Toronto, ON M4R 1H2

The entrance to our small parking lot is at 70 St Clements Avenue and there is a Green P parking facility nearby on Duplex with the entrance off Castlefield near Yonge St.

Service Details

Ordinarily St Clements clergy perform all weddings here. While we cannot guarantee that a specific clergy person will officiate at your wedding, we can guarantee that based on availability and the information you provide in your initial application a minister will be assigned to support you. Within the service, participation by clergy or musicians from outside St Clements is limited to a number of specific roles, subject to direction by the officiating minister. St Clements reserves the right to choose what participation is appropriate.

Arrangements for the music are in the hands of the Director of Music, Daniel Webb ( He will be very happy to meet with you in person as you begin to plan the music for your ceremony and can advise on hymns and suitable music for various points in the service. In advance of such a meeting, you may like to consider whether you have any particular preferences for music:

  • to occupy the twenty minutes or so before the service begins when most guests have assembled
  • for the procession of the Bride (and bridesmaids)
  • for the signing of the register
  • for the final procession at the end of the service

This is your ceremony and you should not be afraid to request music that is meaningful to you. The Director of Music will do his utmost to accommodate all reasonable requests, though you should be aware that fees may increase if significant amounts of practice time learning new repertoire is required.

Music is usually provided on the organ, with the Director of Music Daniel Webb playing, though there is also the option to use the grand piano, and / or to involve other musicians. Daniel is very happy to arrange for singers or other instrumentalists to join him; fees for individual extra musicians will be in the range of $125 – $175 per person, and requests for extra musicians should be made as early as possible in the planning process. Some couples wish to include friends and family as guest musicians and this is very much encouraged. We ask you to remember that responsibility for music in the church lies with our own Director of Music, whose fee is payable in any event, and that he should be consulted about all matters to do with music.

St Clements will help you prepare a wedding program based on The Book of Common Prayer and The Book of Alternative Services. Some couples want to provide a wedding program for those who attend their wedding, and we’re happy to help with planning and production of a simple bulletin for you. We’re able to provide 250 black and white bulletins; colour bulletins or more than 250 are available at an additional cost by arrangement with Julianna Buck.

As part of our service to you, we coordinate the flowers for the High Altar for the Sunday services with you as much as possible. You’re welcome to bring in additional flower arrangements,and / or pew decorations at your expense. These belong to you and must be taken with you for your Reception.

As a consideration for other weddings that may be scheduled after yours, and so your ceremony can start on time, we recommend the following schedule

Ushers arrive at the church 45 minutes before the service

Groom and Best Man arrive 30 minutes before

Bridal Party arrives 30 minutes before

The Chief Custodian will be on hand to provide assistance where required.


In consideration of the church property, please ensure no confetti, rice, flower petals or birdseed are thrown either in or about the church facilities.

Photographs and video are a welcome way to preserve special memories of your wedding. We must ask you to remind your photographer and guests to respect this sacred space, and the dignity of the service, by not taking flash pictures during the actual ceremony. Guests may take photos during the Processional, Recessional, and the Signing of the Registers.


Because of their many commitments, the clergy do not expect to be invited to your reception.


It is very important for all wedding participants to feel as confident and well-prepared as possible during the service. For all formal weddings (with processional, recessional, etc.), a rehearsal is required. Please arrange this with the presiding minister. The rehearsal is usually about 60 minutes in length, and all members of the wedding party are asked to be present if possible.

Official Marriage Certificate

As a memento of your wedding, a record of solemnization of Marriage is given to you by the officiating minister. Please note, however, that this is not an official legal certificate. Application for the official certificate should be obtained from the Province of Ontario after you have been married. This process is not done by St Clement’s and you are responsible to file all appropriate paper work should you so choose.

Questions? Comments?


As you plan your wedding, we are here to help in any way we can. After you have read these guidelines, we welcome your questions or comments. Once again – congratulations on your upcoming marriage!