OMG Tuesdays

“Tuesdays has redefined St. Clement’s: it needs to remain an integral part of what we do and who we are. So much more invigorating… people need to hear about this.” – Cam Finlay


Psalms: SONGS of Redemption



Tuesdays – April 27 to May 25 (via Zoom)
Early Edition 1-2 pm
Evening Edition 7-8 pm

The late, masterful American singer-songwriter, Townes Van Zandt, has an album called “High, Low, and In Between.”

There isn’t a better phrase out there to describe the book we call the Psalms, which is the most ancient and fundamental prayer book of the church. The Psalms reveal people in the throes of every human emotion: high, low, and in between. There we discover a God who meets people exactly where they are…and loves them enough not to leave them there.

The Psalms were also originally songs, written to be sung. For many of us this past year, music has been one of those things God has used to redeem us and to carry us through. This has been particularly true of our Sunday worship, where our instrumentalists and soloists have deployed their tremendous gifts to “put a new song into our mouths” (Psalm 40:3).

I invite you and a friend to join me for a very special edition of OMG Tuesdays! To our hallmark qualities of accessible teaching and thoughtful discussion, we are adding music! Each session will conclude with a sung version of the psalm of the day, recorded by our incredible team of musicians and singers. We’re really excited to be linking the Sunday and Tuesday experiences, and to be doing so through the lens of music.

Participants from our January OMG Tuesdays session said:

“All sessions have been very helpful to me – the leaders strengthen my faith in each session.”

“This is such an important ministry to maintaining connections, getting to know each other and studying deeper. It’s hard to go deeper alone.”

“It was very nice to be with the same people each week for our group discussion and get to know each other a little better that way. I also really enjoyed the clergy’s take on the passages.”

Come see for yourself what all the buzz is about! 

Yours truly,

Andrew (Rector)