“If I had to describe the youth group, I would say it is a fun place where nobody judges and we learn about the Christian faith”. 

(Grade 9 youth member)

What we’re all about…

Head. Heart. Hands.

Intellectual discovery. Spiritual growth. Creative and practical applications.

St Clement’s Youth Ministry is committed to fostering healthy friendships, forming strong and intelligent Christian leaders, serving those in need, and equipping young people with a solid theological foundation for grappling with life’s big questions.


Sunday Mornings:

Junior Youth Group (grades 6-8) meets during the 9am and 11am Sunday services to explore stories from the bible and their relevance to modern life through storytelling, drama, and activities that honor multiple learning styles. Afterwards we join the congregation for communion.

Senior Youth Group (grades 9-12) meets during the 11 am Sunday service. We delve deeper into the Christian life through talks, creative projects, bible study and small group discussions.  Afterwards we join the congregation for communion.

Confirmation Classes

St Clement’s also offers confirmation classes for youth in grade 8 and up. Confirmation class runs from October – June each year and is an excellent way for youth to be introduced to the Christian faith and to dig deeper into it. Because about half of our youth enter the confirmation class with little to no exposure to the Christian faith, our program is very much run as an introduction to the faith (history, beliefs, traditions). It’s a safe space for youth to have doubts, ask big questions, and try to figure out what they believe.  The class is designed to honour the whole person – head, heart and hands – and as such is made up of rich intellectual discussion, bible study, creative activities, and practical application projects.


To learn more about Youth Ministry, please email our Associate Priest for Parents & Families, Pamela Rayment at prayment@stclements-church.org